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Biography - Mercedes Garcia

Mercedes currently owns and operates the Hairbrains Art-Salon in Santa Monica, California where she has incorporated her lifelong passion of painting with her other creative business - hairstyling.

Mercedes was born to a large family in Mexico, where she grew up with Seven siblings. At twelve years old, she left Mexico to live with an aunt in Santa Monica, while acquiring an American education.

After graduation, Mercedes completed beauty school and cut hair for seven years at her present location on Ocean Park, eventually buying out the previous owner and expanding the services offered by the salon, which now employs several stylists and offers nail, hair, and skin care, as well as a gallery of Mercedes Art.

When a serious car accident left her daughter a paraplegic several years ago, Mercedes turned to her art as a form of therapy - both for herself and her daughter. "I wanted to remind her that life keeps going on, and to inspire her to keep creating" says Mercedes, who created many works of art during this time, including a sassy Betty Boop for the hospital room.

Currently, Mercedes has over one hundred colorful canvases for sale in a variety of oil, acrylic, and watercolor. Her work has enlivened the ambiance of several area restaurants, as well as the homes of her Art-Salon customers and many other private residences.

To see more of Mercedes work, visit the Online Gallery or stop by the Hairbrains Art Salon.

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