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ClownsCanBeDreamersThe fame of Mercedes Garcia, owner and operator of Santa Monica’s unique art gallery and hair salon, The Hair Brains, is swiftly spreading nation-wide. “You can now see some of my paintings on the walls of your favorite TV shows.” she said, “as well as on the walls of my salon/gallery and of many other places locally.”

FallingGingerMercedes, who began studying art in 1995, has recently signed a contract to rent some of her abstract and impressionist paintings to decorate sets of the nation’s top television productions. In addition, more and more customers, who have fallen in love with one or more of her colorful paintings while under the dryer in her salon, have bought their favorites for their own homes and spread the word about her talents to other parts of the country.
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“A gallery owner in Georgia is the latest to contact me about showing my paintings there,” she told me on a recent visit. Local recognition is already plentiful. Mercedes can open a drawer in her salon and pull out a colorful bunch of ribbons showing her to be among the top winners in contests around the beach cities. It’s all making her childhood dreams come true.

HoneyMoodPigsWhen she was a young girl growing up in Puerto Vallarta, Mercedes was inspired by the beauty of the green forests and blue ocean of her native town to yearn to one day capturre that beauty on canvas. At twelve years of age, she came to live with an aunt in another beautiful city by the sea and is now living out her artistic dreams here in Santa Monica.
In whatever she does, Mercedes has always put heart, soul and artistic flair into it, plus a strong will to find her place in the art world. “Too many artists with great talent don’t do enough to make dreams come true,” she advises. “They give up too soon and stop painting.” I realize that no one will have a chance to like my work if I don’t keep producing and displaying.”

MemoriesMercedes has two strong motivations for making her dreams come true. The first is that she really enjoys painting. “I find my most salable paintings result from an upbeat mood while I work.” She recalls how one morning as she painted, she was just brimming over with PostCardjoy and gratitude for all the opportunities she has had in this area. All this joy translated into bright colors and cheerful swirls, a visual representation of her high mood. “I soon found how much people like art that makes them feel good. That painting entitled, “I love L.A.”, sold almost immediately.

Besides her joy in painting, Mercedes has another strong motivation and that is to provide a good life and an inspiring example for her daughter who was partially paralyzed in an auto accident when she was in her teens. “I want her to see that women can be strong and successful in spite of whatever obstacles life may have placed in their way. Mercedes’ art can be viewed at her gallery/salon at 1718 Ocean Park Boulevard in Santa Monica and also on her website at www.mercedesart.com. Her business phone is 310-450-8669.

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